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A father reflects on the daily realities of parenting as a team


Living a balanced life requires an early morning for KALW's executive news editor Ben Trefny. It takes getting up before 6am to prepare lunch, and then breakfast, for his family, and that's just the start. In this commentary, he reflects upon the efforts he and his working wife make to give what they want to their kids and to each other.

BEN TREFNY: My wife works full time, and she takes care of a lot of stuff at home. She will tell me if I'm not paying the attention that I could to the family. And there's times when I'm not, because I get caught up in other things.

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Ben handles daily operations in the news department, overseeing the editorial and sound engineering teams, delivering daily newscasts, producing the nightly news and culture show Crosscurrents, and supervising special projects including KALW's Audio Academy training program.