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Guiding a troubled institution: CCSF's Special Trustee Robert Agrella



Robert Agrella was appointed by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors to advise City College of San Francisco's seven-member board of trustees just over a year ago. But in July, when the college was told it would remain on "show cause" status for another year, the state effectively disbanded the board, and gave Agrella sole decision-making authority. His full title now is "Special Trustee with Extraordinary Powers".

Agrella is an experienced administrator, and a former president of several community colleges, most recently at Sonoma and Santa Rosa. He sat down with KALW’s Ben Trefny, who asked him what exactly his administration is doing to save the school.

ROBERT AGRELLA: "We have been looking everywhere in the institution for where savings might occur. Savings however that would not directly impact the classroom, because we are still interested obviously in carrying on the best instructional program and provide the best student services activities."

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