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Taking America back from the dogs: Interview with 'Slate' columnist Farhad Manjoo

Courtesy of Farhad Manjoo

Writer Farhad Manjoo skewers modern American dog culture in a Slate column titled “No, I Do Not Want to Pet Your Dog.” Manjoo sat down with KALW’s Liz Pfeffer to expand on his views about irresponsible dog ownership and the overabundance of canine companions in restaurants, coffee shops and even the gym. 

FARHAD MANJOO: I’m not a big fan of dogs, I guess I’m just sort of not a dog person. And I think that in public, lots of public places and even private places like businesses, libraries and pretty much sort of everywhere you go in cities, dogs are everywhere and their owners sort of expect you to interact with dogs. They kind of assume everyone wants to pet their dogs and be friendly with their dogs and I find it kind of annoying and I know other people are allergic to dogs and scared of dogs and it seems as if there’s a general assumption on the part of dog owners that everybody ought to love dogs.

Click the audio player above to listen to the interview. 

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