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Cannabis News Roundup: April 19, 2013

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“Governor Gavin” calls for end to Drug War… News from Washington… Happy 4/20… and more!

(CA Dem.Conv.) // “Governor Gavin” Newsom outlined some of his accomplishments last weekend while he was at the helm of the California ship of state, filling in while Governor Jerry Brown was in China. He jokes that his gubernatorial library is being built in the back of a cannabis dispensary in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury.

And at 8:00 min. on this video, acting Governor Newsom says it’s time to “come out of the closet” and end the War on Drugs, including legalizing marijuana.  And it’s not even an election year.

(Reason.com) // Now here’s an idea: don’t prosecute people under federal law who are in compliance with medical/recreational cannabis laws in the states where they live. That’s the intent of Representative Dana Rohrabacher’s bill, introduced in Congress last Friday.

(Reason.com) // Not so fast, say three other members of the House of Representatives. They say it’s time for President Obama to crack down on Washington and Colorado’s laws allowing recreational use.

4/20 Events

(HuffPost) // Speaking of Colorado, and recreational use, you’d think this year’s 4/20 events at the University of Colorado-Boulder would be well attended, since it’s on a Saturday and recreational cannabis is legal for the first time. The campus administration had the same thought, so they announced Monday that the entire campus will be closed this Saturday.

April 20 (4/20) has become the unofficial annual holiday for users of recreational cannabis. Well over 10,000 people have attended the gathering in Boulder in the past; many more were anticipated this year.

Another place you might want to avoid on Saturday is Hippie Hill in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. There are likely to be celebrants there, but please remember that smoking is not permitted in any city parks. And with law enforcement especially alert after the Boston bombing, this may be a good time to stay away from any large unregulated crowds.

(HempCon) // Here’s an alternative ticketed event: the three-day HempCon in San Jose. They say it’s the largest medical marijuana mega show in the country, but I’m not sure there are many other contenders for that title.

(EastBayExpress) // And here are some activities planned in the East Bay. . .

(SmellTheTruth) // . . .or just go to the movies. “The Cheech and Chong Animated Movie” is showing at the Balboa Theater in San Francisco this weekend. Judging from this video clip, you need to be really stoned to sit through this. Or am I repeating myself?

(Psychedelic Science) // After the big weekend, consider a more serious three-day conference starting Monday in Oakland: Psychedelic Science. Workshop topics include medical cannabis, MDMA and psilocybin, among others.

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