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Cannabis News Roundup: March 1, 2013

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(Field Research Corp.) // A majority of California voters favor legalizing marijuana for recreational use, according to a Field Poll (PDF) released this week. The Bay Area led the state in potential approval, with 66 percent of participants saying yes. That compares with 54 percent in favor throughout the state.  Approval of medical cannabis statewide stays at 72 percent.

(Huff Post) // US Attorney General Eric Holder said to expect a response “soon” from his office regarding what the Justice Dept. plans to do after legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado and Washington State.

(Denver Post) // In the meantime, Colorado’s Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force completed its recommendations yesterday.  Some of their decisions: voter approved taxes, no cannabis clubs and potency levels printed on cannabis products. The full list is found here.

The Task Force is named for the ballot initiative passed in November by voters authorizing recreational use of marijuana.

(Mother Jones) // This article advises that federal policy had better come soon if it wants to keep up with the many individual state plans for cannabis regulation…

(MMJ Business Daily) // …because close to two dozen more states are considering some form of cannabis legislation. Here’s a summary of those activities and their chances of success.

(MileHighMamas) // As cannabis legalization marches on, it’s all the more important for parents to have a “bongs and buds” discussion with their children in addition to the standard “birds and bees” talk. Here are some tips.

(The Economist) // This major business publication says in a lead editorial that the strict prohibition of drugs codified by the United Nations in the early 1960s “inflicts appalling damage.” They welcome the “fresh thinking” shown by US states, and especially by Latin American and European countries.

There’s a link in the second paragraph of the above editorial to an extensive article titled “Towards a ceasefire: Experiments in legalization are showing what a post-war approach to drug control could look like.”  It’s well worth your time to at least scan this.

(SFGate) // California gas prices continue to climb, but cannabis prices in the state have dropped a bit, according to the latest High Times poll.

(Yahoo) // Pot can get you high, but these smugglers needed a boost from a makeshift cannon to get their product across the Mexican border.

(SFGate) // A couple of digs about national cannabis legalization were tucked into the last item in the San Francisco Chronicle’s current events quiz on Sunday.

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