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Money Diaries: The cost of a breakup

Under CC license from Flickr user 401(K)

The pain of heartbreak is hard enough – but when couples live together, a breakup can have financial implications, too. That’s what happened to La’Trisha Dillon, who goes by Dillon. This is the first story in a series we’re calling “Money Diaries,” in which young people from Oakland talk about their relationships with money.

“I was living with my boyfriend,” Dillon says. “When I met him, he was this really great guy. He was sweet and chivalrous and so I took a chance and got attached to him. I never want to do that again. Things changed. And our relationship took a turn for the worse. He broke up with me, he doesn’t feel the same way anymore, so I had to move.”

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This story was produced by Lisa Morehouse and Game Theory Academy, a nonprofit that teaches young people financial literacy.