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Audiograph's Sound of the Week: Oakland Coliseum

Flickr user LA Wad

All week long we've been playing you this sound, and asking you to guess what exactly it is and where exactly in the Bay Area we recorded it.

This auditory guessing game is part of our new project, Audiograph, a crowd-sourced collaborative radio project mapping the sonic signature of each of the Bay Area’s nine counties. By using the sounds of voices, nature, industry, and music, Audiograph tells the story of where you live, and the people who live there with you. Every Thursday, we reveal the origins of that week's sound on Crosscurrents, and here in weekly blog posts. Did you have time to listen? Read on for the answer...

CHRIS HOFF: Ever since I was a kid, I would take BART up to the A's game, down from Fremont. And I don't know how long this dude's been there, this drummer guy, but I feel like for the last at least five or six years I've been going to games. He's always on that bridge between BART and the coliseum just wailing away. So when you get out of the Oakland Coliseum BART stop, you have to walk across this really long concrete bridge that goes over this weird industrial landscape and these train tracks and this nasty, foul river, and you know, after a while, you start hearing the fans get going, when you approach the coliseum and that's what the A's game is for me. 

Congratulations to this week's winner, Richard Mercouris. We'll have a new sound for you to guess, and a new prize, next week. 

In the meantime, is there a sound from your life that should be featured on Audiograph? Call at 415-264-7106 and tell us about the sound of where you live.

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