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Cannabis News Roundup: January 4, 2013

(SFGate) // Everyone who follows cannabis news knows that dangerous Mexican drug cartels are despoiling our national forests with their massive illegal pot farms. There’s only one problem with that fact: The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDC) says it isn’t true.

(MSNBC & CBS) // Members-only smoking clubs are opening in Colorado, now that recreational use of cannabis is allowed. One jumped the starting gun, though, and closed before it really even opened.

(Christian Science Monitor) // More teens are using cannabis. In fact, usage has reached a 30-year high, according to this survey. On the other hand, tobacco use by young people has dropped, although it’s still about double the rate of those reporting marijuana use.

But wait! If you wish that fewer teens were smoking, then read this – citing the same Monitoring the Future survey. Aren’t statistics great?

And speaking of surveys, here are 15 questions from the Christian Science Monitor story testing your knowledge of cannabis. (I missed five – including the one about Canada…that’s a hint.)

(SFGate) // And here’s a third survey: the top ten strains of cannabis for 2012.

(The Times of London) // “The law against marijuana is immoral in principle and unworkable in practice.” This quote is not from a recent news story: it's from a full-page advertisement from 1967, sponsored by a group founded by Steve Abrams. Abrams, an early cannabis reformer, died late last year.