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What matters to Alameda County voters?

Today we’re going around the Bay Area to see what you the voters are talking about this election season. We heard from Alameda county residents Bob Ferris, Christopher Rufo, Tess Thorman, and Todd Carmody as brought to us by KALW’s Alyssa Kapnik.

What are the main issues on your mind before the upcoming 2012 elections?

BOB FERRIS: There are some things that have disappointed me about Obama. I think of him as sort of a moderate Republican in a lot of ways, compared to an extreme conservative he looks pretty appealing. I was impressed with what he was able to do with healthcare.

CHRISTOPHER RUFO: For me there are two really important issues: energy and small business. Romney has a good understanding of small business.

TESS THORMAN: I don't fell like I really have a choice. I think if Romney was elected, a lot of bad things would happen to the things I care about. There's no way I would vote for him at all. Obama is the only option.

TODD CARMODY: The Democratic party is not far enough to the left on most issues.  Obama is by far better.

What are the most important issues to you this election season? Let us know on our tip line by calling 415-264-7106.

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