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San Francisco voters share their views on the election


Today we’re going around the Bay Area to see what you the voters are talking about this election season. We heard from San Francisco residents Grim Lithsaw, Joy Pulsipher, Rob Wadleigh, James Smith and Bruce Bowman, as brought to us by KALW’s RJ Sloan.

How are you feeling about the election?

GRIM LITHSAW: Oh I think it's a joke like every year. You know, you get to vote for one of the people in the 'demo-republican' party, either the red or the blue version – they're the same. There's really no point in voting whatsoever.

JOY PULSIPHER: I'm really kind of undecided. I don't think anyone is really talking about anything different or new. They're totally leaving out the women and the poor and our schools.

ROB WADLEIGH: I appreciate Obama's stance on social policy, but that’s the only thing I feel is at stake. Whoever gets elected, the financial situation is probably going to remain the same.  I don't think the politicians are really in control of that as much as banks are.

JAMES SMITH: Honestly, they vote into office who they want to be in office. I think our votes really don't count. Not with electoral colleges.

BRUCE BOWMAN: Hopefully Obama will get a second term. I feel we desperately need to get money out of politics and a viable third party.

What’s on your mind this election season? Let us know by calling our tip line and leaving a message at 415-264-7106.

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