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New film advocates saving water while there's still time

Image courtesy of www.takepart.com/lastcall

It’s our planet’s most valuable resource, cities are powered by it, wars are fought over it, and life depends on it...

“We think of it as air, infinite and inexhaustible, but when you use water in such quantities that it exceeds the system’s capacity to renew itself, we’ve got a problem,” states the trailer for the new documentary film Last Call at the Oasis (view trailer below).

It’s made by the same producers who made Food, Inc. and An Inconvenient Truth, films that had us thinking about what we eat and how we treat the planet. Now, they’re back with a new film about our connection with water.

The film’s director is Palo Alto-born Jessica Yu. She spoke with KALW contributor Kevin Robinson.

Last Call AT the Oasis is showing in San Francisco and Berkeley on Friday, May 11. Visit the website for show times and locations. Kevin Robinson runs the website Medium Rare, which highlights women and people of color in the television, film, and gaming industries.