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Bay Poets

'Free Verse Departure' by poet Guy Biederman

Guy Biederman is a former peace corps volunteer, creative writing college instructor and is the author of six books including Nova Nights which was published by Nomadic Press in 2021. Guy lives on a houseboat and walk the planks daily.

Free Verse Departure

Poets bring nothing to the party.

They don't even ask.

They show up on time or late.

They get lost.

They say they're coming but don't.

They arrive in time for food,

stand in a corner and drink.

Never take off their coat.

Then strip to a t-shirt

and talk about Bird,

things you've never heard

as Parker plays on your Alexa.

Sometimes poetry breaks out.

Someone picks up a guitar.

There's action on the roof.

Shy cats come out of hiding.

An enormous radish is carved into art.

Memory floats up from a morning

in Oaxaca, 1984 ~

The houseboat rises, warms.

Everyone leaves all at once

a free verse departure.

Sink full of dishes.

Someone leaves a hat.

The night itself becomes a poem.

And guess what?

That's what the poets brought.