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Bay Poets

'a familiar sense of divinity' by soledad con carne

soledad con carne is a casually queer, intergalactic Oakland, Ohlone-based chicanx punk poet, working, poor multiple high school drop-out bookstore lackey, poet laureate of the San Fernando Valley, and blatant smoker sharing-trauma-with-their-mother.

a familiar sense of divinity

i found god—

on the 405;

at food4less;

in a burger and fries;

during a laugh

late at night

while wiping cum

off my thighs;

in conversations on bus benches,

while holding on to old questions;

when walking through crowds

on my way to meet with old friends,

and after leaving for

who knows

how long


—smiling with your dilated eyes.

each time,

god says hi,

after passively observing,

each time,

god says goodbye.