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Bay Poets

"Xochipilli" by poet Flavia Elisa Mora

Flavia Elisa is an immigrant artivist from Mexico, raised in San Francisco. Her writing focuses on her experience as an immigrant chingonx, spiritual old soul, and her role in intersectional feminism, and the healing of systematic oppression in unrepresented communities.


We were both once warriors

Yet we were both once children

Running through barrios and ranchos down south

Pricked by nopales

We learned the fruits of life don't come easy

And like the cacti fields

We build an ejercito so big, it killed colonizers

We swore to ourselves

No one would ever again confine us

Control our spirits

Destroy our pyramids

So much so that the tonas in our chests

Developed thorns

Yes, we were both once warriors


Always ready to defend

An now...

Here we are, lovers


From the callejones of La Mission

To the streets of Los Angeles

Crystal blue persuasion

Learning how to ride nice n slow

Through our pinche vida loca

And all the cliche, yet lived

Mexican, chicanx, queer, trans

Love story

Any warriors ever known

I hope to tweeze the espinas off your body

And devour you whole-heartedly

Like an Uto-Azteca sacrifice

To the two-spirit god

of love.