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'Follow the Corn' by poet Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta

Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta is a Jewish Nicaragüense poet and artist who came up in the unceded lands of the Tongva people, and has been a guest in Yelamu, unceded Ramyatush Ohlone territory for now half their life. Their poems are rough sketches for weapons and spells against empire.

Follow the Corn

Eight thousand five hun

dred years before the common

era, the dome

stication of plants took root

acá, para llá, y pa

ra llí. There is no

such thing as wild corn. It can't

exist without a

ttentive human care. Did you

know that it was from the col

lapse of the Mayan

empire due to an increase

in exploitative

forced labor practices that

this tendency my mother

rejects in theory but

in her heart practices e

merged? She will tell you

otherwise but I will tell

you this: there is no such thing

as a wild heart – or

a broken one, for that mat

ter – in the natu

ral world. You are here because

of a coalition of

sisters provided

a complete protein, the dai

ly blessing of ri

vers and lakes and other run

ning waters, and because a

generation of

what we now call Lloronas

and Lysistratas

said no. Between you and me,

amor de mis amores,

entre estos ca

minos de maíz, turque

sa, y anarquí

a, we fall into the cat

egory of local wo

men – the innova

tors of emergent techno

logies that do not

exist in the natural

world – except, that you and me,

we are of it. A

mor de mis amores, we

are descended from

eaters of pond scum; from peo

ple who calculated the

passage of time and

knew everything that had happ

ened was happening

and will happen; who used no

thing as a placeholder be

tween negative and