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'Columbia River Gorgeous' by poet D.L. Lang

Poet D.L. Lang reads her poem "Columbia River Gorgeous."

"This poem was inspired by a road trip across the northwest. While my husband drove, I reclined in the passenger seat, propped my feet up on the dashboard, and these lines started coming to me with all the beauty of the Columbia River."
D.L. Lang

Columbia River Gorgeous by D.L. Lang

Atop majestic mother mountains

on the horizon dusted with snow,

the forest stretches as far as the eye can see.

Small towns peak out from the trees.

Their brick buildings whispering history,

as diners chat their mornings away.

Freight trains snake through the valley,

whistling haunting lonely songs,

rails rumbling from coast to coast,

connecting the world to what she needs most.

Rail side telegraph lines carry

secret messages from the past

upon glistening green glass.

Fueled by coffee truckers roll along the highway,

delivering pieces of America to the people,

crossing bridges of woven steel

as wind turbines wave from rocky cliffs.

Through morning mist and fog

the birds zip chaotically across the sky.

Chinook chase choppy currents

as the river rapids rush and rage

through the lock and dam

cheerfully churning to power the land.

A double rainbow illuminates the way

for travelers passing through

on the way to Grand Coulee,

as the canyon echoes

with the ghost of Guthrie.