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STORIED SF: Sister Roma and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Jeff Hunt, the host of Storied San Francisco shares some of his favorite episodes with KALW listeners this week, including this conversation with the legendary Sister Roma, who has been in the San Francisco Order for more than 35 years and holds the self-proclaimed title "most photographed nun in the world."

The Sisters were birthed by four gay men in the Castro in 1979 as performance-art-meets-political-theater-meets a night at the bars. But when AIDS began to decimate the gay community here, the Sisters found their true calling — raising money and spirits and caring for the sick.

With the introduction of effective treatments and PReP, AIDS is now much less of a threat to San Francisco and the gay community at large. So the Sisters have spread their wings and become, in a way, patron saints of San Francisco—living embodiments of our compassionate, creative city at a time when it's important to be reminded just what makes this place so special.

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