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  1. Want to contribute your story of a significant song to our My Mix Tape series? You can do so using our Soundcloud DropBox. Just click on the link to record your story. (New users will to make a Soundcloud account to record**). 

Before recording, prepare your story. Think of a song and what you’d like to say about it. Do you have a particular memory associated with your song?


When you're ready, hit record! Please begin by telling us your full name, where you live and the title and artist of your song. Then tell your story in under a minute.


All done? Click the "Upload your recording" button, then click "Share your track" to send your audio to KALW. And that's it!


We will try to air all of the submissions, but keep in mind we have limited air space for them.


**Don't want to create a Soundcloud account? You can still share your story using the DropBox, but you'll have to record it onto your computer first and upload the audio file from there.