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LGBTQ rights protected by San Jose Unified School District

flickr / creative commons

Eli Dinh, a parent and former school teacher created a petition to insure the safety, and resources for LGBTQ. Dinh told the San Francisco Chronicle that this stemmed from an art class where students were drawing clothing. She told the class “Boys can wear dresses.” Administrators later told Dinh some parents uncomfortable with the idea pulled their children out of the class.

Dinh then filed a uniform complaint with the San Jose Unified School District. After a hearing, the school district was found not guilty of employment discrimination and the students didn't return to class.

Dinh created a petition suggesting the school district provide more training on gender identity for parents and teachers, but didn't receive support from the district. Dinh said students should have access to an equal curriculum. They said there are going to be boys, who wear dresses, and if students aren't taught this is acceptable, they might be met with unkindness.

Eli Dinh said (Quote) "These policies protect all students from discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying" she told San Jose Spotlight. "We treat every report of discrimination extremely seriously and fully investigate every complaint filed."

Marie-Lorraine Mallare Jimenez, J.D., LL.M., S.J.D. is a former news anchor of Filipino-American Report, a local news program in the SF bay area, Hawaii and Guam during the mid-1990s. In 2016, she was a visiting professor at SJDC, Radio & TV department, and produced "Stockton 360 News Magazine", a 5:30 drive show.