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Sandip Roy's Dispatches from Kolkata

Wednesdays at 7:35am and 4:45pm

Sandip Roy, former host of Your Call and New America Now, is back on KALW, bringing you a little bit of the story of the new India every week – a letter home from his other home.

"A lot has been written about the changing India," says Roy. "But reporting about a changing India is one thing. Living in it and dealing with a country where newspapers are still being launched instead of folding, Internet rumors spark mass exoduses, and cricketers advertise skin-whitening creams called 'Fair and Handsome' is another thing."

Sandip Roy’s Dispatch from Kolkata can be heard Wednesdays at 7:35am and 4:45pm during KALW’s presentation of Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

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The Indian elections are in full swing,

Sandip Roy says goodbye to Peter Mayhew. Also known as Chewbacca  

  Manna Dey’s birthday is May 1. He would have been 100 years old.

Sandip Roy

 On April 15th While Americans rush to file their taxes, Bengalis in Kolkata celebrate their new year. But April 15 is also World Art Day. 

Sandip Roy

As this year's election season heats up in India, women are making themselves heard.  

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What does Sandip Roy miss most about San Francisco?

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Sandip discovers that sometimes a class reunion is a reminder to how we've moved on.

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Centenarians are on Sandip Roy's mind as Lawerence Ferlinghetti turns 100.

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When people get spooked, even ghosts can disappear.  

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Sandip Roy embarks on an anti-war march in a time of hastags.

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Sandip Roy has his annual date with America.

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 Feb. 21st is International Mother Language Day. 

Sandip Roy

The Kolkata Book Fair is one of the largest in the world. But it also has space for the smallest of publishers.

Photo by Sandip Roy

Sandip Roy experiences a testiment to resiliance.... at the Pavlov Mental Hospital.

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Sandip investigates the journey of a small town Scottish postmaster to his resting place in Kolkata.  

(The music in this episode was from the "Yatra" concert and composed by Dalbir Singh Rattan, except for "Irish washerwoman" played on bagpipes by Michael Cusack from the album "Scotland … At It’s Best!")

India is home to some of the most polluted cities in the world, but also home to some of the first champions of recycling.   

What's in a name?

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India becomes an international power player, via a big fat Indian wedding.

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In Cricket crazy india, an obscure game played with a very strange shaped ball takes hold.

Sandip Roy: Rosogolla

Nov 28, 2018
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It looks just like a little white table tennis ball, but spongy and sweet.

Sandip Roy remembers the veterans of World War 1, the Indian veterens.

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Sometimes when picking our monuments we focus on the wrong aspect.

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Sandip Roy misses a piece of India that can only be had in in San Francisco.

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Sandip Roy finally… finally sees the mysterious Kanchenjungha with his own eyes! Finally!

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From the ashes of the Tubbs wildfire, a Sonoma, CA community rebuilds it’s community through one man’s pottery.

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You can't lasso a diety so easily...

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Now that the Indian Supreme Court has decriminalized homosexuality, the real battles begin.

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In 1986 Trikone was like a message in a bottle floated out to sea hoping someone would find it.

Sandip Roy: No serial!

Sep 5, 2018
photo by Sandip Roy

Sandip Roy addresses a major calamity in Kolkata.  

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Sandip remembers a bitter part of his childhood...