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Radio Poets

Every April KALW partners with SFUSD students

Throughout April, you can hear young people read their poems on KALW. The series is produced and edited by Kevin Vance.

Radio Poets 2016: Ruby Guzman

Apr 28, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Mellana Jackson

Apr 27, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Tyler Taylor

Apr 27, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Michael Phi

Apr 25, 2016

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Apr 22, 2016

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Apr 21, 2016

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Apr 20, 2016

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Apr 19, 2016

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Apr 18, 2016

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Apr 15, 2016

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Apr 14, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Anjole Levaron

Apr 13, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Elan Villareal

Apr 12, 2016


The One and Only Mom

Elan Villareal, Garfield Elementary School

I believe my mom is special

very special

She looks like me

She has brown straight hair like the soccer field lines

She has light brown, green, and yellow eyes.

Brown like dirt

Green like grass

Yellow like the opposing team’s jerseys

She has a smooth nose like our soccer balls

Radio Poets 2016: Antonio Gutierrez

Apr 12, 2016



I’m a Fighter

Antonio Gutierrez, Junipero Serra Elementary School


Thug life, that’s what I was taught

Struggling trying to be good

A boy in the dark but has lots of heart

I’m a fighter

That’s what I’m told

Sounds like my life is a rap song but

That’s 100%

Losing those I love 

Have had pain my friend 

Radio Poets 2016: Valerie Martinez

Apr 8, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Michael Soto

Apr 7, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: James Pham

Apr 6, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Marcela Sanchez

Apr 5, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Owen Isbister

Apr 4, 2016



Owen Isbister, San Francisco Community


Poetry is explaining the world around us

and opening our minds.

I like how (in this case) it relates to soccer.

I learned that poetry is equally as important as soccer.

I also learned it's just as important as anything else.

So put down your phone,

stop stressing out,

get a piece of paper;

a pencil,

have look at the world at a different angle,

and put it down

Radio Poets 2015: Sneja Limbu

Apr 30, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area




My Past Memories

Sneja Limbu, Redding Elementary 

When I see the sun

I feel like I am in the past

with all my wonderful memories

The memories

of being in the sunlight,

and playing soccer

Saying hooray when I win

and having good sportsmanship

when my team feels like they have lost 

The memory

of losing a soccer game

but still having fun

with joy and lots of smiles

The memory

of splashing puddles

while playing soccer

Radio Poets 2015: Giovanna Andrade

Apr 29, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area

I Used To Be…

Giovanna Andrade, Junipero Serra Elementary


I used to be the ground 

that everyone steps on

but now I am heaven

where everyone is welcome


I used to be a cloud

for the people to guess what shape I am

but now I am a cloud with rain

that people stare at and wonder about their life


I used to be a dead rose

with all my petals that have fallen off

but now I am a healthy garden

of beautiful roses


I used to be a broken weak branch

Radio Poets 2015: Jackson Lawrence

Apr 28, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area


Christmas Morning

Jack Lawrence, Redding Elementary

I wake up feeling so excited

I can't wait to see the tree all lighted

With my presents all around

I wake my parents with abound

They woke up to come into the living room

As I ripped open my presents in a boom

I was so happy with what I got

I hugged my parents and said, "Thanks a lot"

Then I went through my whole stocking

I had to say, those were rocking

Spent the whole afternoon with all my new stuff

Radio Poets 2015: Marco Chen

Apr 27, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area



Marco Chen, Garfield Elementary


It's Blue

Like the starry night, like the 

blue sky


It's bright like the glowing moon,

like the very bright sun, it's on fire


It's cold, but its romantic

On top of a tall mountain,

the light of the town is as bright

as the Sun


It's beautiful,

It looks like there

were ten suns

in the sky,

the best day ever,

I see a werewolf,

it's coming to eat the suns

I'm Awake


Radio Poets 2015: Jessica Ojeda Paz

Apr 23, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area




Jessica Ojeda, ER Taylor


I went to Jupiter as fast as light. 

On my long journey I looked outside, 

it was a beautiful night. 

I saw millions of lights. 

I landed on Jupiter; as I walked around 

I felt different types of air. 

I thought, “what a beautiful place” 

I wish to stay

on this peaceful and clean place. 

I felt a nice warm air blowing at me. 

I wish people can live here

I called my family to come with me. 

Radio Poets 2015: Samantha Rodriguez

Apr 22, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area


The Moment

Samantha Rodriguez, Hillcrest Elementary


Knowing that we would arrive in the morning.

It was dark

with flashing lights

and the smell of a new car,

a grey new car.

I was against the seat

on my grey koala pillow pet,


asleep, dreaming...

I woke up

one eye then another.

As I woke up

I didn’t know where I was.

It was morning,

it smelled different.

It smelled like palm trees

and the sky was pink, cotton candy pink.

Radio Poets 2015: Ariana Carrillo

Apr 21, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area

Bright Star

Ariana Carrillo, Hillcrest Elementary


I am as bright as a star that shines in the sky that explodes on my heart that lives

In my life everywhere I go I follow the star that lives in my heart

I pretend I never see it but I do see it.

I am feeling the fresh breeze of the air but I do not feel it

I feel the hot sun

I am going to melt

My heart beats and beats everywhere I go.

The star I follow everywhere disappears

The hot sun goes away

Radio Poets 2015: Frisca Mohammady

Apr 20, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area


Frisca Mohammady, Up on Top Program at Tenderloin Community School

Red sounds like fire

It sounds very scary

It tastes like strawberry pudding and strawberry jello


Red makes me feel cozy and warm 

It's like I have to sleep

Moves likes the waves of the ocean

Looks like a monster

Feels like love


Radio Poets 2015: Roy Hodgson

Apr 16, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area

I Am

Roy Hodgson, Cleveland, Elementary School

I am a balloon floating into the sky

I am from Pizza Planet

I am the color green

I am the ketchup on your fries


I am from a special country I call Nicaragua

I'm a meteor striking on the earth

I'm a S.S.S.P, Super Star Soccer Player


I am a piece of gold someone is looking for

They say, I am Roy, the boy, the toy.

Con safos!   


Radio Poets 2015: Juan Ruiz

Apr 15, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area

I am from Lima
where people have so much rage in their body
Now I'm in S.F.
where people are full of honesty
I am from Lima
where I couldn't stand the heat
Now I'm in S.F.
where I listen to new sick beats
I am from Lima
where I miss being so mean
Now I'm in S.F.
where I wait for August 19 I am from Lima where I eat Caldo De Gallina Now I'm in S.F. where I scare my sister pobrecita
I am from Lima
where it's hot and dry
Now I'm in S.F.

Radio Poets 2015: Grace Soper

Apr 14, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area

Who I am

Grace Soper, Lakeshore Elementary


Sometimes I sit there wondering with my mind wide open,

Thinking about who I might be.

If I am a piñata filled with joy,

If I am a balloon filled with imagination,

If I am a piggy bank filled with generosity,

If I am a backpack filled with exploration,

And if I am a gift filled with love.

My best is my bravery,

My heart is my hope,

My mind is my magnificent,

My soul is my spirit,

My smile is my success,