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Written on the Dock of the Bay: Library seating scams and Dolly Parton book dreams

Dec 14, 2015

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Bay Area Book World Breaking News

The Chronicle has put together a selection of favorite books, chosen by writers. Pick up one of these books and maybe you’ll become a famous writer, too (if you’re not already, obviously).


  UC Berkeley Police were called to libraries around Berkeley campus last week in response to efforts by the group “You Can't Sit With Us” to charge prices for library seating. That’s according to the Daily Clog. (Note: Take this article at your own discretion).

There’s a new GoFundMe up to raise money to bring a new version of Dolly Parton’s so-called Imagination Library in Tennessee to the Bay Area. You might be wondering what a Dolly Parton-sponsored library entails. Don’t be scared: Dolly's Imagination Library provides kids with books via mail each month. Maybe eventually all your kids’ books will come from Dolly Parton! Yeehaw.


MONDAY, 12/14   -  SUNDAY 12/13


Monday,  12/14


George Saunders is in town

George Saunders is in town!  Are you unaware of the existence of George Saunders? He’s this totally original and powerful author (See: Tenth of December, CivilwarLand in Bad Decline,  Pastoralia, as examples). The guy knows how to make a sentence. My favorite George Saunder line? “Why were we put here, so inclined to love, when end of our story = death? That harsh. That cruel. Do not like.”  Wooow

Jewish Community Center of San Francisco // 3200 California Street, San Francisco // 4pm


Tuesday,  12/15

The Rad-ification of the Bill of Writes

Where can you go to celebrate the ratification of the Bill of Rights 224 years ago (or something like that) in San Francisco? To WRITE CLUB SF! The In an event called the Rad-ification of the Bill of Writes, writers will speak rhythmically and poetically to themes of war, like SIEGE vs. CEDE, SPEEDY vs. SLUGGISH, and OBSERVE vs. INFRINGE.

The Makeout Room // 3225 22nd St., SF // 8pm.


Wednesday, 12/16

Sexual Adventurers and Dedicated Recyclers

Another round of Bawdy Storytelling is here! The theme is "Unwrapped!" This evening of live storytelling includes...three-time NYC Moth Slam winner Molly McCloy, Sexual Adventurer Alice P, Widower & Recycler Jerry Franklin, and Sexuality Rockstar Reid Mihalko. If only we could all have similar, sexually-themed names and such bawdy and beautiful stories to share!

DETAILS: Verdi Club // 2424 Mariposa St., SF // 8pm.


The Prison in the Garden

Planning on being in San Jose, hungry, and hunting for some literature this Thursday? The Well-RED poetry reading series should do the trick. This week, they'll be celebrating the release of Red Wheelbarrow: The Prison in the Garden. A prison in a garden? Wowzer. If the reading is as evocative as that title, you will likely be blown away accordingly.

DETAILS: Works San Jose  // 365 South Market St., San Jose // 7pm.


Thursday, 12/17

Open Mic at the Tenderloin Museum  

If you haven't checked out the Tenderloin Museum yet, now is your chance. The Tenderloin Museum is hosting its first ever Community Open mic night this Thursday.

DETAILS:  The Tenderloin Museum // 398 Eddy St., SF // 6:30pm


Friday, 12/18

Say hi to your feminine divinity for me, if you can

Have you been feeling feminine and divine lately, but not sure of the perfect place to bring your feminine divinity? GODDESSFLOW is the place for you this Friday. It’s described as a  "curated experience of love, appreciation, and understanding. Celebrating all things rooted in the feminine divine." Want a piece of that vibe? Then come along to hear work of DeMareon Gipson, a writer, poet, activist, and visionary who, probably not by coincidence, is also rooted in...you guessed it...the feminine divine!

DETAILS: E.M Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore  // 410 13th St., Oakland  // 6:30pm


Saturday, 12/19

Art meets word meets world

The Featherboard Writing Series is all about bringing art and words together. Writing. Physical objects -- the kinds of things we can really get behind. This Saturday’s show includes artist Cameron Hockenson and writers Diana Aehegma, Hugo García Manríquez, and Nicole Trigg. It’ll be a treat for the eyes and ears and more.

DETAILS: Aggregate Space Gallery  // 801 W. Grand Ave., Oakland  // 6pm



Sunday, 12/20

The Space Needler’s Intergalactic Bar Guide

Sci-fi cool people of Alameda, may I have your attention? Scott Fulks and Will Viharo will be at Alameda's Forbidden Island tiki bar this Sunday to talk about their recent novel, The Space Needler's Intergalactic Bar Guide. To mark the occasion, there will be Vic Calentine and Space Needler cocktails.

DETAILS: Forbidden Island  // 1304 Lincoln Ave., Alameda  // 3pm


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