Written on the Dock of the Bay: July 26, 2013 | KALW

Written on the Dock of the Bay: July 26, 2013

Jul 27, 2013

Written on the Dock of the Bay is your weekly guide to literary and bookish happenings in the pleasantly literary and bookish Bay Area.


Re-defining marriage in dictionaries // A group called Hack Marriage is taking to bookstores and libraries to paste over any definitions that say marriage is between a man and a woman. They're changing the definition to "the union between two people." Karen Strauss from the San Francisco Public Library would just like patrons to please respect the library's dictionary collection. 


Sunday, July 28 

2013 LaborFest book fair // Prepare for some serious books on important topics at this year's LaborFest BookFair. Be on the lookout for the presentation of books including Struggle by Bruce Neuburger, Guest Workers and Resistance to U.S. Corporate Despotism by Immanuel Ness, and They Saved the Crops – Labor, Landscape, and the Struggle over Industrial Farming in Bracero-Era California by Don Michell. With titles that long, you know the topics must be big. / DETAILS: Sunday, July 28, 10am-9pm. Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco 

City Lights’ mini-festival featuring Sister Spit // The City Lights 60th Anniversary Series rages on with some readings and discussions by some of San Francisco's most excellent magazines, including ZYZZYVA, Michelle Tea's Sister Spit, and Quiet Lightning. You'll be thanking City Light's for being so old afterwards. // DETAILS: Sunday, July 28, 2pm-4pm. Jack Kerouac Alley. 255 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco 

Tuesday, July 30

Impossible Lives of Greta Wells // Sean Greer, San Francisco-based author of The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells, is coming to Books Inc. this Tuesday to make us all cry with a romantic and sad story about a woman who is transformed into the lives she might have lived had she been born in different decades.  // DETAILS: Tuesday, July 30, 7:30pm. Books Inc. 2275 Market Street, San Francisco 

Wednesday, July 31

Chronicle Books' back-to-school sale //  If you want your kids to win the coolness contest they'll be entering on the first day of school, you need to buy them stuff -- just stuff, in general. Try Chronicle Books, because they'll be having a 65% off everything back-to-school sale from July 31 to August 2. That includes the Pictorial Webster's Pocket Dictionary, and F for Effort: More of the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers. // DETAILS: Wednesday, July 31, All day. 680 Second Street, San Francisco

Thursday, August 1 

Poetry at Moe's // Inevitably, a night of poetry at Moe's will be a good night of poetry. This round features local poets Larry O' Dean and Hugh Behm-Steinberg. O'Lear's most recent collection, Brief Nudity, apparently includes a micro-lecture on the psychology of a traffic light and a new list of baby names that includes Splenda and Grey Poupon. Sounds like a great night out. // DETAILS: Thursday, August 1, 7:30pm. Moe's. 2476 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley