Written on the Dock of the Bay: Friday, January 13 | KALW

Written on the Dock of the Bay: Friday, January 13

Jan 13, 2012

Friday, January 13

Reading series // Reading series Lip Service West is coming to Pegasus Books. The Lip Service West’s hopefully truthful, but arguably biased, website describes this reading series as "both hilarious and heartbreaking" and "unlike any literary event you've ever experienced." The worse your past literary experiences have been, the more excited you should be for this one. // DETAILS: Friday, January 13, 7:30pm. Pegasus Books Downtown. 2349 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

Saturday, January 14
Reading series // Reading series East Bay on the Brain features writers who are from … well, I think you know where these writers are from. Writer Edward Mullany is coming all the way from Brooklyn, which is on the East Coast, so it’s kind of the same. Sort of like most charity events, those attending are asked to either donate money or buy a drink. // DETAILS: Saturday, January 14, 7pm. Layover Lounge. 1517 Franklin Street, Oakland

Reading series // But if you don’t live in the East Bay, as people sometimes don’t, then perhaps a San Francisco reading series is closer to home. LitUp Writers latest reading series is called Will It Hurt? Tales of the First Time. Seven talented writers will share stories about their first times, like first kisses, first apartments, and first marriages resulting in divorces. It could get awkward! // DETAILS: Tuesday, January 17, 7pm. Intersection for the Arts. 925 Mission Street, San Francisco

Wednesday, January 18

Magazine launch party // Are you a stylish career woman? You aren’t? Well, someone is. And there’s a new magazine out for stylish career women called Minted Magazine that wants to teach stylish career women a lesson, once and for all. This lesson is that women can have a job, friends, and food. // DETAILS: Wednesday, January 18, 6pm. SOM Bar. 2925 16th Street, San Francisco

Book club // You are a functioning adult. You have a job. You have adult-like hobbies. And you can still read books written for teenagers, or toddlers, and no one has the right to deny you adulthood. Only your ID can do that. In fact, there’s a book club out there for people who still enjoy books like Harry Potter, A Wrinkle in Time, and the Chronicles of Narnia. It’s called the Forever Young Adult Book Club, and it’s meeting this Wednesday to discuss Philip Pullman’s The Ruby in the Smoke. In a bar. Yes, a bar. // DETAILS: Wednesday, January 18, 7pm. Two Sisters Bar & Books. 579 Hayes Street, San Francisco    

Author reading // You may remember Heather Donahue, and if you don’t, maybe you remember the girl from The Blair Witch Project. Hey, they’re the same person! After The Blair Witch Project, Heather became a pot farmer. Or, in the words of Cannabis Culture, “a strong female voice for sanity in our marijuana laws.” Her new memoir is called Grow Girl: How My Life After the Blair Witch Project went to Pot. And, wouldn’t you know it, the “i” in grow girl is dotted with a marijuana leaf. She’s giving a reading at A Great Place For Good Books. If you come, you’ll get to hear the zinger, “Heather’s life went to pot – literally,” about a million times. // DETAILS: January 18, 7pm. A Great Place for Good Books. 6120 LaSalle Avenue, Oakland