Written on the Dock of the Bay: Friday, December 16 | KALW

Written on the Dock of the Bay: Friday, December 16

Dec 16, 2011


For some students, the shocking price of textbooks forces = difficult choices, like, “Okay. I can either buy a math textbook, or a few week’s worth of food. Hmmm.” For community college students, it’s more like, “I can either buy college textbooks or pay my tuition. Hmmmmmmm.” Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has launched a plan to make textbooks more affordable – or, free. For you, anyway. It could actually cost $25 million from the California general fund. The concept is called the California Digital Open Source Library, and the core lower division textbooks would be offered online. Steinberg says it’s a no-brainer because of its financial benefit for students. (Perhaps those who want to stop rising tuition prices should dream of a no-brained world).


Friday, December 16

Literary magazine release party // It's time for the winter release of Fourteen Hills 18.1, San Francisco State University's International Literary Journal. This means it's also time for dancing. And, according to the Fourteen Hills Facebook description: "ugly sweaters.” You can come for the great, genre-bending literature, or you can come for a rare, solo performance by Pocket Shelley. Or just come for the raffle prizes. (By the way, you probably shouldn't just come for the raffle prizes, even though they're giving away $50 gift cards to Park Chow, Whole Foods, Amazon, Cafeway, Cafe MetrOpol, one-month membership cards to Funky Door Yoga, and more.) // DETAILS: Friday, December 16, 7pm. Space Gallery. 1141 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA


Saturday, December 17

GIFT DRIVE // Santa Claus is waiting for you. No, not your kids. You! He’ll be waiting at Green Apple Books. If you give him gifts (which he will not keep but redeliver to the San Francisco Fire Departments Toys for Tots program), he will tell you dirty jokes while you sit on his lap. (If you want. It’s not mandatory. That would be inappropriate). This is all happening at Green Apple Books. As the folks at Green Apple say, “Thanks to our customers' great (and filthy) sense of humor, we didn't have a single complaint last year, so we invited him back again.” // DETAILS: Saturday, December 17, 2 - 4pm. Green Apple Books. 506 Clement Street, San Francisco


Sunday, December 18

Singer/songwriter show // Come back to Green Apple for an event that, unlike Santa Claus, is actually for the kids. Songwriter essence will be performing from her latest album, A Dog Named Moo and His Friend Roo. Her songs are informative, inspiring, and especially vital in these difficult times where we so easily forget to do important things, like dress, and where people just aren’t eating as much pizza as they should. Titles from her album include: Gotta Wear Clothes and Let's Make a Pizza and Everybody Has a Butt. // DETAILS: Sunday, December 18, 10am. Green Apple Books.

506 Clement Street, San Francisco


Monday, December 19

Author reading // When you tell your kids you’re going to go to the playground, you don’t necessarily mean Yosemite. You also will probably not bury your kids underneath an avalanche, or blow wild winds at them so that they are sent out of control while paragliding. But for Matt Johanson, these tales of YosEmite are tales of adventure from what he considers America’s greatest playground. In Yosemite Epics: Tales of Adventure from Americas Greatest Playground, he talks about harrowing experiences and close calls from well-known outdoor people (see list of famous indoor people at another time) including Royal Robbins, John Bachur, AND Hans Florine. // DETAILS: Monday, December 19, 12:30pm. Albany Library. 1247 Marin Ave, Albany


Thursday, December 22

Poetry series // San Francisco Public Library is like the cool kid with all the fancy gadgets: cafes, bookstores, and a poetry reading series. The Readers Cafe & Bookstore 2011 Poetry Series is coming to, well, you know, the Readers Cafe and Bookstore at Fort Mason on Thursday. Come and support the library while inwardly and devilishly benefiting yourself by getting to listen to some cool poetry. // DETAILS: Thursday, December 22, 6:30. Readers Cafe. Building C, South End, 38 Fort Mason, San Francisco