Written on the Dock of the Bay: August 30, 2013 | KALW

Written on the Dock of the Bay: August 30, 2013

Aug 31, 2013

Written on the Dock of the Bay is your weekly guide to literary and bookish happenings in the pleasantly literary and bookish Bay Area.


Apple e-book case update // The judge who ruled that Apple colluded with publishers to fix e-book prices said on Tuesday that he wants to interfere as little as possible with how Apple runs its business. The government may have wanted some provision that could affect Apple's app store, but this judge thinks that's a little too harsh.


Saturday, August 31

San Francisco zine festival // Write a poem. Cut it out. Paste it on some paper. Write, cut, paste, write, cut, paste. Photocopy. Hand to strangers. And...congratulations. You just made a a Do it Yourself magazine, or what's known in these parts as a "zine." To celebrate independent publishing, the San Francisco Zine Fest is returning once again to Golden Gate Park bringing with it hundreds of literary journals, comics, and more. // DETAILS: Saturday, August 31, 11 - 5pm. County Fair Building. 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way, San Francisco

Monday, September 2

Quiet Lightning Literary Festival // Almost everything should take place at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers greenhouse and botanical garden -- weddings, baby showers, birthdays; it would almost even be okay to lose a cell phone or drop a bowling ball on your toe if it happened at the Conservatory of Flowers. It's that lovely. But using the space to host Quiet Lightning, a literary festival of poetry and fiction performances, is just straight up perfect. // DETAILS: Monday, September 2, 7:30pm. Conservatory of Flowers. 100 John F. Kennedy Drive, San Francisco

Tuesday, September 3

Brenda Hillman reading // If you're feeling uninspired, let the inspiration to step out of your bedroom and inside University Press Books fill your entire being this Tuesday. Once you arrive, Brenda Hillman, selected by Poets & Writers as one of the Fifty Most Inspiring Authors in the World, will inevitably inspire you. And given her prestigious namesake, you'll be inspired for the rest of your life...if you can convince Hillman to allow you to carry her around in your pocket. // DETAILS: Tuesday, September 3, 6pm. University Press Books. 2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

Thursday, September 5

Girls I've Run Away With book release // Crowd sourcing has changed everything, and the publishing industry is no exception. It saved Adobe Bookstore. It'll likely save others. And now, it's launched entire publishing companies -- like Rhiannon Argo's Moonshine Press. Its mission is to amplify the voices of queer folk everywhere, and it's doing it, starting with the launch of Girls I've Run Away With at Pegasus this Thursday. // DETAILS: Thursday, September 5, 7:30pm. Pegasus Books. 2349 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley