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Welcome to Manny's: Prepper Jon Stokes

May 4, 2020

While we are sheltered in place, Manny's in San Francisco is presenting a series of virtual conversations with leaders and thinkers who are trying to make sense of this moment and how we will recover. 

KALW is airing a new conversation every Friday evening at 5pm. Normally, Manny does the interviewing. But for one night only, he’s passing the mic to New York Times tech and internet culture writer Nellie Bowles. Nellie chats with Jon Stokes about a new generation of survivalists — or preppers  — and his personal tips for surviving this and other apocolyptic scenarios.

Jon is the deputy editor of theprepared.com. But before that, he was an editor at Wired Magazine and co-founder of the website Ars Technica.