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Travel ban waivers: in place, but hard to get

Jul 19, 2018


When the travel ban was first announced, many people were outraged — nationally and here in the Bay Area. At SFO, people brought signs and stood in the arrivals hall chanting to make their point against the ban. Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the ban, it’s become harder for activists, human rights lawyers, and community organizers to help those affected by it.

One of those groups is the Asian Law Caucus. Mohamed Taleb is one of its community advocates. He came to our studios to update us on what cases they’re seeing.


Many have been relieved to see special waivers that allow consulates to grant visas to nationals from the countries listed in the travel ban policy. But, according to Taleb, those have been hard to come by.


"There's no process to the waiver. That's where the hopelessness comes in."