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Today on Your Call: Sochi Winter Olympics coverage

Feb 14, 2014

On today’s Your Call, it’s our Friday media roundtable. This week, we’ll discuss coverage of the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. 13,000 journalists are covering the event. How is the coverage shaping public opinion about Russia and the games and where is the focus? We’ll be joined by the Christian Science Monitor’s Fred Weir, Le Monde diplomatique Guillaume Pitron and independent photojournalist Rob Hornstra. Join the conversation and call in with your questions on Your Call, with Holly Kernan and you.


Guillaume Pitron , Paris based investigative journalist and a documentary maker

Fred Weir, Moscow correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor

Rob Hornstra, Independent photojournalist

Web Resources:

Le Monde diplomatique: Let the Games Begin–And Then What?

Christian Science Monitor: Putin sees 'containment' in West's Sochi criticism. Does he have a point?

Think Progress: How Sochi’s Olympic Facilities Were Built On Migrant Abuse And Wage Theft

Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen: The Sochi Project