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Teachers relieved by Prop 30 results

Nov 7, 2012

When she came into work this morning, Frank McCoppin kindergarten teacher Selina Cheung didn’t know whether she’d have a job next semester or not. Parent Siobhan Culhane hadn’t heard the news about Proposition 30 either.

“I did vote for it, but I haven’t read all the results yet,” said Culhane. After hearing the results, however, she exclaimed, “Yay! Yay, that’s great.”

The excitement was tinged with obvious relief – and an obvious weariness among teachers and administrators already beaten down by repeated budget cuts over the past few years.

“I’m relieved. When I watched yesterday off and on, it didn’t look like it was passing. Here in this school, everybody spends time and their own money for a lot of things so maybe it’s going to ease that a little bit," said Teacher’s aide Connie Mason.

Principal Bennett Lee said he’s also relieved – but that he doesn’t think the fight for fully funded schools is over. 

“I’m always a little skeptical because a lot of things have been promised to the schools and I don’t know if it’s real or not. I’ll get excited when it actually starts to happen,” said Lee.