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Supreme Marital Status: Ask the experts on live call-in

Jun 27, 2013

Got a queer itch to hitch? On this hour-long call-in edition of Out in the Bay, analysis and reactions to the U.S. Supreme Court's decisions in the Proposition 8 and Defense of Marriage Act cases. What are the next political steps, and how will the rulings affect our lives on a practical basis? Join host Eric Jansen and his legal, financial and political expert guests for answers to your questions. Should you, or should you not tie the knot? Even with the Supreme Court's historic rulings, how are same-sex couples still legally different from hetero couples? Arm yourself with knowledge on this week's Out in the Bay.

Our guest experts are Marriage Equality USA legal director John Lewis and media director Stuart Gaffney; estate and trust lawyer Deb Kinney; certified financial planner Dennis Nix; and Monna Wong, Executive Director of Asian Pacific Islander Equality-Northern California.  (Aired Thursday, June 27, 2013.)