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Splendid Table

Jul 29, 2019

Every Saturday at 1 p.m., KALW Presents...airs an eclectic mix of historical, seasonal, and timely specials with voices you might not hear anywhere else in the Bay Area. 

From American Public Media, The Splendid Table, hosted by award-winning food writer Francis Lam, is a culinary, culture and lifestyle program celebrating the intersection of food and life. For over two decades the show has hosted our nation's conversations about cooking, sustainability and food culture and has introduced us to generations of food dignitaries.

August 3 – This week we talk about the delicious species of sea urchin that we should be eating more of with chef /biochemist  Ali Bouzari, Rolando Beramendi author of Autentico introduces us to the Italian way with rice salads, best-selling author Alison Roman has some ideas to ramp up savory breakfasts and America’s Test Kitchen brings us the perfect homemade falafel.

August 10 – We are bringing you real-world stories of street vendors and other low -income food entrepreneurs starting their businesses. We visit alums of La Cocina, a groundbreaking kitchen incubator in San Francisco. Then, we look at culinary empowerment from another angle as we head to NYC for a lesson in chiles rellenos from an instructor from The League of Kitchens, an organization of women from around the world who welcome you into their homes and teach you their family recipes.  

August 17 - We are all about bees this week when we talk to Thor Hanson author of Buzz, The Nature and Necessity of Bees. America’s Test Kitchen has the latest word on how we should be deploying honey in our kitchens and we get the story of Brooklyn’s red bees and other urban tales of beekeeping from Andrew Coté, founder of the New York City Beekeepers Association.

August 24 – This week we meet some culinary superfans. Shauna Sever tells us why the late, legendary baker Maida Heatter rocked her world, food writer and podcast host Korsha Wilson introduces us to Patrick Clark, the African- American chef who never really got his due and much more.