Some, Done or None: Fasting for wisdom | KALW

Some, Done or None: Fasting for wisdom

Jan 24, 2017


KALW's Spiritual Edge project is interested in how ordinary people cultivate spirituality in their lives. To bring our findings to the air, we’ve been interviewing Bay Area residents about religion. 

We want to know what they like, what they reject and what, if anything, has taken religion’s place. Paige Marshall of Oakland is disillusioned by Christianity, but like many who stop going to church, she’s still looking for spiritual answers. In 2010, she decided to try a 21-day fast.


MARSHALL: I guess because I wasn’t satisfied by how life is. You know, I don’t understand what’s going on. It doesn’t totally make sense to me. You know?

The piece is part of a series called Some, Done or None. You can help us with our research by taking our short survey on religion and spirituality. The link is here.