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Sights & Sounds Producers' Youtube Picks

Jan 7, 2021

Sights and Sounds is your weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene through the eyes and ears of local artists. During the pandemic, we're offering suggestions for ways to experience art and culture from home and through social distancing. For our first episode of 2021, host Jenee Darden and producer Precious Green share their favorite Youtube channel picks.  


Venus Soleil
Oakland drag artist Venus Soleil jokingly describes herself as having a small obsession with makeup. She has performed at clubs and shows around the Bay Area. Since COVID hit, Venus has ramped up her YouTube content. Every week she posts new makeup tutorials, reaction videos and lip sync performances.

The Sabrina Samuels Show
Sabrina Samuels is a lifestyle coach who teaches etiquette through her business The Beckman Method. She shares positive messages on life and health on her Youtube channel. Sabrina was Jenee’s charm school teacher back in the day! Longtime Bay Area residents may recognize the former beauty queen's name because she lived in Oakland and hosted a show on the cable channel Soul Beat. Sabrina is married to former Oakland Police Chief Joseph Samuels.

ColorsXStudios is a Youtube channel that showcases musical talent from around the world. Each video features an artist performing on a bare stage and backdrop draped in one color. Musical genres range from American soul and R&B, to french hip-hop and Scottish crooning. If you like intimate live music shows then you will love Colors.

Precious Green is a radio producer and alum of KALW's Audio Academy.