Shakespeare + Shocktoberfest ~ Gore & War | KALW

Shakespeare + Shocktoberfest ~ Gore & War

Nov 5, 2015

Halloween not enough? The gory, century-old Grand Guignol theatre style is recreated in Thrillpeddlers' Shocktoberfest 16: Curse of the Cobra, playing through Nov. 21 at the Hypnodrome in San Francisco.  And Theatre Rhinoceros, the nation's longest-running LGBT theater company, presents Shakespeare Goes to War at The Thick House.

Eric Jansen's guests on Out in the Bay (7pm Thursday Nov. 5) are Thrillpeddlers co-founder Russell Blackwood and actor David Bicha, and Theatre Rhinoceros artistic director and Shakespeare Goes to War playwright John Fisher. Get a sneak preview of the plays -- including music and diaolg from Shocktoberfest and from Thrillpeddlers' hit Club Inferno, which returns in February. Airs 7pm Thursday, Nov 5, on KALW 91.7fm +

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