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San Quentin Radio: Preparing for parole

Jun 8, 2017

When an inmate is up for parole, it's a chance to prove that they've been rehabilitated —  helped by  classes, self help groups and other prison programs. For many, going in front of a parole board is their last chance to appeal for freedom.

The preparation can be all consuming. Some spend an entire year getting ready for the Parole Board —  some of them granted, many denied

Williams: Why did they do me like that after I'm trying so hard to get out you know what I mean? Doing so many things to try to come home and show them that I am not that guy I was in 1979, you know? The highest person in the political power in the state of California telling you "no, we don't want you out."

San Quentin Radio is a project in which KALW editors train inmates to report stories from inside prison, with cooperation from prison officials.