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San Quentin Radio: The barbers of San Quentin

Apr 4, 2018

Getting a haircut can make a person feel good. For the men in San Quentin, it's no different. Some of the barbers are paid to cut hair. Others volunteer to do so. It can be a complex process, but it's important in the prison environment.

"There are times that you are just burnt out. You're tired. And they're still coming because that visit is for the weekend. And you still have to take the time out to say, 'Hey I got to get you right, for your kids, your wife, your parents. Because we don't want them to think you're stressing out.'"

San Quentin Radio is a project in which KALW editors train inmates to report stories from inside prison. San Quentin officials listened to and approved the script and audio for this story prior to broadcast. Thanks to Sam Robinson and Larry Schneider for their help.