Radio students profile their Oakland neighbors | KALW

Radio students profile their Oakland neighbors

Aug 21, 2018

In the spring of 2018, KALW and East Oakland Youth Development Center teamed up to present a series of audio storytelling workshops for East Oakland youth. Taught by KALW reporter Eli Wirtschafter and Snap Judgment producer Adizah Eghan, the students learned the basics of audio storytelling and created their own pieces, which you can listen to below.


How a chance encounter inspired Oral Lee Brown to give back

by Mahelet Aklilu


Oral Lee Brown's foundation has helped send over 136 students to collegeCredit Mahelet AkliluEdit | Remove

Oral Lee Brown grew up in poverty in Mississippi, and became a successful realtor in Oakland. Brown tells the story of how she was first inspired to send Oakland students to college.




The greatest jazz club in Oakland

by Nargis Munayeva

Artist Phavia Kujichagulia at Lighthouse Community Charter School, where she teaches
Credit Nargis Munayeva

Storyteller, scholar, activist, musician, poet, dancer, and Oakland native Phavia Kujichagulia teaches at Nargis's school. When Nargis asked her about her favorite place in Oakland, she talked about a legendary jazz club that no longer exists: the Fifth Amendment




Video game addiction

by Makei Harrison


Joshua says that gaming, while addictive, has helped him make new friends
Credit Makei Harrison

Makei's friend Joshua says he plays video games for 8 to 10 hours a day. He spoke honestly with Makei about why he plays, and the personal costs of playing so much.



Moving from East Oakland to the suburbs

by Dajsah Carter

Dajsah's friend E'naj moved to Newman, CA after living in Oakland for 15 years. Dasjah asked her what's different about living in the suburbs, and what she misses about her old neighborhood.



Family traditions

by Deniah Carter


13-year-old Deniah shares her favorite memories of family get-togethers, from late night pranks to trips to the beauty store.