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Radio Poets 2018: Angelo Castro, "When I'm King"

Apr 24, 2018

When I'm King

By Angelo Castro, E.R. Taylor Elementary School

When I'm king, I would want a queen, by my side when I'm having a hard time...

Helping my kingdom that depends on me to keep them safe from all the enemies. 

When the sun falls we all go to sleep "sweet dreams" my queen says to me.

We all wake up the sunshine's on me, the birds chirp all happy and free. 

Keeping the environment all nice and clean with nothing to worry about,

I eat breakfast all fresh 

and new not too many calories here or sugars too.

We all eat healthy in my kingdom, we all have discipline and freedom. 

This is what will happen if I'm king!

(music: The Sun Smells Too Loud by Mogwai)