Radio Poets 2016: Sarah Wong | KALW

Radio Poets 2016: Sarah Wong

Apr 15, 2016

Today's Radio Poet, Sarah Wong, is a student at Lakeshore school in San Francisco.
Credit AmericaSCORES


I Wish Upon the Shadowy Darkness

Sarah Wong, Lakeshore Elementary School


I wish I were an angel, so I could fly through the grassy plains.

I wish the grassy plains were a meadow with flowers like fierce tigers.

I wish the flowers were made from rainbows, so I could see them.

But I can’t, because I am not here.

I am no where.  I wish I was not lost. I wish I was not confused.

I wish the child inside me could write a poem.

I wish she could hold a pencil.

I wish she could read, but she can’t, because she is not here.

She is no where.  I wish I wasn’t lost in the shadowy darkness.

But one light can be the end of the blooming flowers.