Quarantine Diaries: The First 10 Days Around The Bay | KALW

Quarantine Diaries: The First 10 Days Around The Bay

Mar 26, 2020


The Bay Area shelter-in-place order is now entering double digits. On March 17, leaders from six Bay Area counties announced a policy that’s closed all but essential businesses and confined most people to their homes.

Since then, we've been checking in regularly with a mix of people from all around the Bay, including a restaurant owner, a mom and daughter, a grocery store worker, an artist, an Uber driver and a college student. Together, this group sketches out how the coronavirus epidemic is already changing how we live and work.



"Then I got out of bed and ate breakfast, but then something different happened. I brushed my teeth but didn't change out of my pajamas. Was it just pajama day? No, I was being quarantined inside my house because of the coronavirus." - Sophia Mitra, 5th grader

We’ll continue to hear from them throughout the crisis.

"Only thing drivers fear now is no business. No money. Last week was one of the worst." - Larry Dulmaa, rideshare driver


Special thanks to David Boyer, Julia Llinas Goodman, Angela Johnston, Lee Romney, Joshua Sirotiak, and Sarah Lai Stirland for contributing to this story.