Philosophy Talk: Comforting Conversations, Part 1 | KALW

Philosophy Talk: Comforting Conversations, Part 1

May 19, 2020

How can insights from the arts and humanities help us cope with anxious times?

In troubling, uncertain times, the arts and humanities are more important than ever. Engaging with works of literature can provide both much needed insight into our current struggles and a sense of perspective in a crisis. In what ways do novels or plays help us come to terms with human suffering? Can fictional narratives about past pandemics shed light on our current situation? And how can storytelling or music help bring us together in isolation? Tune in for the first of two episodes featuring a range of Stanford faculty members exploring how philosophy, music, drama, and literature can provide comfort, connection, and a sense of community. 

  • Lanier Anderson on Albert Camus' The Plague
  • Michaela Bronstein on narrative and fiction as imaginative tools
  • Ato Quayson on the social value of oral storytelling

Sunday May 17 at 11 am and Tuesday May 19 at 9 pm.