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Party Meets Prayer At Burning Man (excerpt)

Jan 7, 2020

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Burning Man is pagan at its core with a hellish, flaming aesthetic. It's understandable that many evangelical leaders condemn the event. But why do many devout Christians attend?And what do they do once they're there? THE INTERSECTION finds out. 

"I think Jesus would have been a Burner." - Annie Dunlop, co-leader of Religious AF camp

This episode picks up where party meets prayer at Burning Man. We follow Episcopal priest Brian Baker and his flock of Christians from the Religious As F#!k theme camp as they engage Burners in deep conversations about spirituality and try to heal wounds caused by the Church. We also explore the event’s Satan-infused early years. 

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THE INTERSECTION looks at changing cities through physical intersections. This time we’re doing something different: The city is temporary and the intersections are conceptual. We’re heading to a remote corner of Nevada for Burning Man

THE INTERSECTION is a co-production of David Boyer and KALW. 

Jonathan Davis is the associate producer. This episode was edited by Ben Trefny. And engineered for your listening pleasure by Gabe Grabin with music from Erik Pearson.

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