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One Planet: What's being done to save the bees?

Jul 7, 2019


On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet Series, we’ll rebroadcast our conversation with Peter Nelson, director of The Pollinators, a cinematic journey around the United States that follows migratory beekeepers and their truckloads of honey bees as they pollinate the flowers that become the fruits, nuts, and vegetables we all eat. 


Honey bees are dying in record numbers due to parasites, pesticides, and poor nutrition – and beekeepers and farmers are worried. What are they doing to protect bees?


Peter Nelson, filmmaker/cinematographer, bee-keeper, and director of The Pollinators

Ben Sallmann, member of the Pacific Northwest Tech Team at the Bee Informed Partnership

Web Resources:

The Pollinators

The NY Times: Plan Bee: The Rise of Alternative Pollinators