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One Night Gone Wrong

May 11, 2020

From the project Uncuffed and San Quentin Radio:


David Jassy is a Grammy-nominated artist and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. With a passion for music and a promising career ahead of him, he flew to Hollywood to work with fellow artists. But six weeks into his stay Jassy found himself facing a life sentence in prison.  How did Jassy’s tale turn from triumph to tragedy so quickly?

I just remember growing up, if I heard about somebody being convicted of murder that was like 'wow, how can you murder somebody?' And here I am in a street fight and somebody dies.

David Jassy was granted clemency by Governor Newsom in March of this year. On April 7, 2020, David was released after 11 years of incarceration, and returned to Sweden, where he is living now. 

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This interview first aired in December of 2014.