Oakland photographer shines a light on "#222Forgotten Cities" | KALW

Oakland photographer shines a light on "#222Forgotten Cities"

Apr 14, 2016

Photographer Brittani Sensabaugh grew up in East Oakland, surrounded by fast food restaurants, liquor stores, and check cashing places. To her, other parts of Oakland looked different -- she could see the inequity. When she graduated high school her older brother gave her a camera, but it wasn’t until years later that a chance encounter led her to start taking pictures of familiar faces and places. Now she’s the creator of the project 222Forgotten Cities, a series of photographs focused on capturing the beauty and struggle of marginalized communities of color across the US. KALW’s Jen Chien spoke with Brittani Sensabaugh about the project.

Sensabaugh: We are loved, but we are at war. We feel it when we walk outside. Literally.

You can see Sensabaugh’s photos and hear a conversation with her live on stage at "Sights & Sounds of East Oakland”, KALW’S free celebration of neighborhood arts and artists this Sunday at 3pm at the Laney College Theater.