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My Mixtape: "A Lonelier Woman," by The Singing Bois

Feb 8, 2019

The Singing Bois

Beatrice Thomas is an artist coach, grant strategist, and multidisciplinary artist & performer, who is passionate about grants education and artist entrepreneurs. Also known as Black Benatar, she has performed at events such as Drag Queen Story Hour and Black Benetar's Black Magic Cabaret.

Beatrice shares with us an extremely touching song by The Singing Bois, a retro quartet based in Oakland. Part boy band, part Rat Pack, The Singing Bois have been telling queer and trans stories through music since 2014. 

This song in particular directly addresses trans youth and their struggle to survive, and we encourage you to listen to the whole song here if you enjoy the mixtape. 

I tried dealing 
Squash my feelings 
But each time I’m stealing 
From the little love I’ve got 
So this is goodbye 
Don’t think you’ll cry 
I don’t wanna die 
But I won’t say I’m sorry