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My Mixtape: "Amor Eterno," by Rocío Dúrcal

Apr 19, 2019

Album Art: Rocío Dúrcal

Have you ever had a song so powerful it hurt too much to listen to? Santa Cruz based Natalie Tan-Torres brings to us a song that, for her, can only be listened to sparingly. After two years of avoiding "Amor Eterno," Natalie gives it a listen and explains to us why it holds such an impact.

Rocío Dúrcal is a singer and actress from Spain with an esteemed Latin Grammy Award. Listen to her sing and see if you can hold back the tears.

Tu eres la tristeza de mis ojos

Que lloran en silencio por tu amor

Me miro en el espejo y veo en mi rostro

El tiempo que he sufrido por tu adiós