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Life Aboard The Quarantined Grand Princess

Mar 11, 2020

Health workers and officials continue to process, treat, and quarantine passengers who were aboard the Grand Princess Cruise Ship that docked in Oakland on Monday.

At least 21 of the 3,500 people aboard were diagnosed with COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus. At least one couple has filed a lawsuit for gross negligence. The couple, from Florida, seeks a million dollars against Princess Cruise Lines for allowing them to be exposed to the virus. Meanwhile, many of the ship’s passengers are currently in quarantine at a hotel on Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield. One of them is James N. Frey. He and his wife Elizabeth live in North Berkeley. They regularly take cruises and were returning from Hawaii when coronavirus cases were discovered on board. We reached James by phone at the hotel where he’s required to stay for two weeks.

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