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Large Grant Targets Environmental Issues In Deep East Oakland

Jul 22, 2020

Some changes are coming to Deep East Oakland due to a $28.2 million grant that targets low-income areas affected by pollution. Oakland Chief Resilience Officer Alexandria McBride is the city’s lead on the grant. She provides more detail about the projects, including the environmental and economic impacts.

"The East Oakland activist community heard about this grant and actually came to city and said, 'We would like for you apply for this planning grant.'"

Over five years, the city and community organizations will be working on five projects in a five-square mile area of East Oakland between International Boulevard and the airport. The projects include more affordable housing, an expanded aquaponics urban farm, 2,000 more trees, a trail along the San Leandro Creek, and a bicycle program for youth.

Learn more about the grant on the City of Oakland’s website. The proposal provides a lot of history and background on East Oakland. Contact Alexandria McBride with questions and concerns about the projects at

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